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 Eloise Nair, A Self Development Company provides leadership training, self mastery coaching and seminars to assist female CEO’s to make the necessary cognitive breakthroughs for their overall fulfilment and success while thriving in the business they love. 

My Life's Work Is The Evolution & Mastery For Authentic Expression

My focus is to develop your personal growth, your conscious awareness, your self mastery and life fulfilment. My training and coaching aligns perfectly for women who have a desire to create a healthy , well balanced emotional foundation from which to thrive in their personal and business life.  
“To achieve true inner wealth coupled with confidence, you will have to build resilience to clear away any worn-out limiting beliefs”

Hi I'm Eloise

I come from a lineage of ancient medicine women and healers, my mother’s Griqua influence has ignited my gift of sight and strong intuition and a spiritual maturity that was honed over many decades of life experiences. My father comes from an ancient Tamil tribe from the south of Indian. I thank my Indian heritage for my diverse business and life experience, my eclectic cultural and religious heritage and my extensive training in entrepreneurship, leadership and meta physics. I am a mamma bear of two incredible children and a grandmother of two adorable munchkins.

I use my training in NLP, Somatic coaching, leadership, people development, and self mastery to coach women across  Africa, Europe, Nambia, and the UK. Up close and personal, I have more than two decades plus of experiences and spent 15 years operating my four successful businesses from construction, commodity trading to logistic’s and successfully managing our three retail outlets, all this before I became a speaker, coach and artist. My understanding of entrepreneurship, conscious leadership, determination, self awareness, spirituality and bold courage to believe in myself no matter what the life challenge is extensive.

You'll grow substantially when you,

  • Develop the strength to confront and overcome emotional hurdles and setbacks
  • Learn the art of expressing your emotions and confidently ask for what you want
  • Build a sturdy foundation of inner resilience to navigate and thrive in challenging relationships
  • Gain a fresh perspective on building financial stability
  • You will start to release out dated beliefs and behaviours
  • Your magnetism will naturally increase 
  • You will witness the miracles unfold in your life
  • You will start to get crystal clear clarity how to achieve your goals
  • You’re presence will be magnified by your new found acceptance 

You are the masterpiece

Your life is your master piece, don’t shy away from your past and stop blaming yourself.This is your life make the changes and live the life you desire.

The twenty first century definition of freedom is self acceptance and self-love. I am here to inspire you towards your true inner peace and that is taking back your life and owning yourself from here on out. Everything starts and ends with you, you owe it to yourself to live your best life. Additionally you must accept that there is no one else just like you on this planet and you have to embrace this reality to connect to your true essence which will in turn reflect your outer beauty, you’re unique qualities gifts and talents and you’re overall life satisfaction. Are you ready to allow yourself to be seen heard and celebrated ?, 

How I Work

In my coaching and training sessions we look at the following areas to establish what is blocking you from building deeper connections and cultivating a growth mindset.

+How to maintain a balanced life style
+What has to change and how
+What are the benefits of change
+Why continuous growth is important
+How to have difficult conversations
+The benefits of addressing conflict
+Look at where your accountability and responsibility is needed
+How to sustain a daily self awareness practice

Who I Coach And Train

I Coach female business leaders and their teams who understand how important it is to develop their growth mindset, emotional stability and stay on the progressive path of their self development.

+CEO Coaching/One-On-One
+Management Group Training
+Management Group Coaching

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