Let Me Help You Build Your Inner Resilience

Eloise In Action

I am a dynamic & provoking speaker, who’s main focus is to disrupt negative self beliefs that disempower  women to master their authentic expression. I use my infectious energy and life compelling stories as well as my life long learning in leadership to inspire and captivate both small and large audiences. You definitely want to book me for your next function.

Life Changing Topics

Cultivate relationships

Emotional intelligence is in the world of business is emerging as a crucial skill that is needed to cultivate productive relationships. It will serves as a greater benefit to the long term success of the company.

Express yourself clearly

In most relationship people expect others to read their mind.You will learn how to express yourself in a clear and concise manner. It is the foundational blocks to healthy connections.

Power of being vulnerable

It is fundamental that you have the confidence to see others and yourself through a lens of vulnerability, it will determine the depth we develop in our relations to others.

Healthy Boundaries

To demonstrate healthy boundaries will allow others to learn how you want to be treated and you give them permission to do the same.

Magnetise Your Presence?

My motivational sessions will take your business and personal life to a higher level of self awareness, with the help of my radical coaching and transformative courses and techniques honed over 15 years. This includes learning how to stay true to yourself , how to make everyday your masterpiece, how to build relationship capital, financial appreciation and to share your unique presence with others

You Will:

  • Grow from self-doubt to self-expression
  • Grow from self-hatred to self-love
  • Grow from running to commitment
  • Grow your courage to have difficult emotional conversations
  • Grow your authentic presence
  •  Grow out of self-sabotage into your boldness
  • Grow yourself out of emotional confusion into emotional freedom

Ready To Thrive?

When speaking to individuals and groups on conscious mindset, self-believe and self-mastery, inner growth expansion and emotional challenges, I use my sage advice and humour to bring clarity, insight, direction and life long tools to deliver quality results.

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