Dare to love yourself!

Embark on a life changing  journey towards self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care with our comprehensive workbook. This invaluable resource is filled with exercises carefully crafted to guide you to establishing a daily practice to nurturing yourself and set healthy boundaries. Before you can fully embrace self-acceptance, it is essential to release outdated beliefs and behaviors that no longer work for you. Once you do, you will discover the immeasurable joy of celebrating yourself and your magnetic presence will naturally increase. Witness the magic unfold in your life as you experience the following benefits: 

  • Courage to Confront Emotional Challenges and  develop the strength to overcome emotional hurdles.
  • Effectively Communicate your Feelings and learn the art of expressing your emotions with confidence and ask for what you truly desire.
  • Build inner Resilience in Relationships and have a solid foundation in which to navigate and thrive in challenging relationship dynamics.
  • Financial Stability: Gain new and fresh perspective in your finances and open doors to new and innovative opportunities.
  • Life long Self-Acceptance: Receive a treasure trove of self-awareness tools and practices that will serve you not just for a moment, but for a lifetime.

What To Expect

An incredible opportunity that will bring life long realisations and fuel your determination to take action and ultimately change the way you relate, behave and speak about yourself. You will embody the very works  of” Loving yourself , accepting yourself and celebrating yourself.

Notebook Collection

The self-love note book collection is to encourage self-acceptance and uniqueness and to dare to do the things that makes you thrive in love. Each note book has been infused with excitement and joy, coupled with an intention for each patron to experiences themselves in their unique expression. I drew inspiration from my life experiences and wanted to create functional art that will inspire others. The notebook sizes are A5 and A4 with pages ranging from 32,  60 and 80. I hope as you handle these pages that you will feel the love and be inspired to follow your own creative dreams and bring them into fruition.

Selflove is a habit
Dream Journal
Embrace your uniqueness
Express yourself

A5 PDF 32 pages R60

A5 PDF 60 page R85

A5 PDF 80 PAGE R105

A4 PDF 32 PAGE R90

Follow your heart
Dare to be seen
Follow the sun
Live your dreams

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